Heroes of Prayer

Our Adoration Guild, which recently celebrated its 60th Anniversary, is composed of men and women who are giving one hour of prayer each month to come and spend time with our Lord through Eucharistic Adoration.  The Guild was established to continue the ministry of prayer when the Sisters of the Precious Blood moved to the Motherhouse in Dayton. 

Many of our Adoration Guild members have made Adoration a priority in their lives for decades, and the impact on their families is evident as some of our current members have taken the vacancy left by their deceased parents.  Over the years, I have heard time and time again, “oh my mother (or grandmother) was a member of the Adoration Guild, and she came on…” a named day and time.

Our Adoration Guild members are unsung heroes here at the Shrine.  They slip in and out quietly, but lift up the prayer concerns of so many others who come here to find comfort and peace.  Through their prayers, healings are happening, relationships are being restored, and God is at work.  As a staff, we are extremely grateful and blessed by our Adoration Guild members.  Their ministry of prayer is a part of our ministry of prayer, and when we are all praying together, God hears and answers our prayers.

We have gained about 18 new members in the past year, however, our need continues.   We welcome new members to join our “heroes of prayer.” Contact Susan Jenkins at s.jenkins@mariasteinshrine.org for more details.