Members of the Shrine's Adoration Guild pray during Eucharistic Adoration.




Father Jim Dugal celebrates Mass in the Adoration Chapel.

Memorial Candles can be personalized with the memory of a loved one.

All are welcome to spend quite time before the Blessed Sacrament, or in the Relic Chapel surrounded by the holiness of the saints, at any time.

Monday - Friday:  Prayer at 11:45am

Saturday:  Mass at 10:00am

Tuesday - Thursday:  Eucharistic Adoration 1pm-5pm

Remembering your loved one through the Gift of a personalized Memorial Candle is a beautiful expression of love.  Set in the Adoration Chapel, a stand designated for these Memorial Candles displays a photo of the deceased, as well a candle that will burn for a week, a month, three months or a year.  In addition to this display, the designated recipient will receive a beautifully decorated music box and an invitation to our annual Mass of Remembrance.  Music boxes can be delivered to local funeral homes or to the recipient’s home.   


Guests to the Shrine have the opportunity to light candles representing prayer intentions.  These candles can be lit for any duration from one week up to a year.  The intentions are prayed over by our staff, and kept before the Relics of the Saints.  In addition they are remembered by our staff and guests in our Mid-day Prayer, Mass and by our Adoration Guild.

Candles are $3 each per week. This fee covers the Shrine's candle cost. For assistance, call the Gift Shop at 419-925-4532.

Shrine staff, volunteers and pilgrims give praise at mid-day prayer.