The Maria Stein Shrine is the second largest collection of Holy Relics of Saints in the United States, holding over 1,000 relics on display including relics of the True Cross.

Canonization Process

The process of becoming a Saint does not usually begin until five years after his or her death, which allows time for the person's virtuous and saintly reputation to grow. The information on their life and virtues as well as public and private writings are collected and reviewed. Once the approved process has begun, the individual is called a “Servant of God.” Before one can become a Saint, two miracles must be attributed to the person and verified by proper authorities, or proof of martyrdom and one miracle. When the first miracle, or martyrdom, is approved, the person is then called "Blessed." Once beatified, their feast is established and their relics can be venerated. When a second miracle is approved, then the person will be canonized thus becoming publicly recognized as a Saint of the Catholic Church.

Saints aren’t so much superstars of holiness as humble sinners, ready to allow God to love them just as they are.
St. John XXIII